Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Six Down One to Go

When you walk into Swany's the first thing you notice (or at least I notice) are all the amazing sample bags on display. Each one has a number attached to it and I write the number down to get my pattern once I've spent my 1000 Yen (not a problem). One pattern I keep writing over and over is No. 3011. I'll see it hanging in one spot, take a photo, write down the number. Turn a corner, see another bag - that I think is a new and different sample only to realize as I get ready to write down the number that "wait, it's the same one I just wrote down a few minutes ago."

I am realizing there is so much more to this process of making bags than just picking up some fabric and whipping out a cute little bag. Handle choice matters, as my previous entry showed. Fabric combinations do too. What tricked me into thinking that what I was looking at was a different bag was the switch ups Swany's plays with each of their bags. Match a different type of handle with a different type of fabric and you have a completely new look. I don't know why I should be surprised at this - it's the details that matter in most design decisions - boutique bags should not be any different.

Looking for a fabric to play with on this project I remembered I had brought with me some hand dyed shibori fabric I dyed a few years ago. I've learned a lot since then about Shibori and this fabric wasn't so precious that I couldn't take the rotary cutter to it and try out a new bag. It's raw silk and I love the feel of this fabric, rough, nubby and holds up to wear and tear.

I have one more bag to go on my experiment. Hoping to get to that later today since I believe today is the last day of 7in7. I know my other half will be most appreciative to have the sewing machine packed away before he arrives from a conference in the states. Fabric stacked, sewing machine out, pattern pieces everywhere ... he might just turn on his heels and head back out the door. My creativity does tend to spread throughout the house – something only appreciated once there's a finished product hanging or sitting somewhere.

So two deadlines in one – his flight was delayed so I know I just got two extra hours – just what I needed to stay on a roll and be ... inspired.

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