Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ueki no Te Ire

Ueki no Te Ire (the care of shurbs or ornamental landscape trees)

Ornamental trees, like the one at left, are found everywhere here in Japan. I saw this one in front of a house on a recent walk in Kamakura. With an interest in gardening and a background in art, I find these trees fascinating. Landscape art. With the click of a mouse I have discovered that there are formal classifications for the different styles of pruning, Matus Zukuri, Kuruma Shitate are two examples. The different styles remind the viewer of mountains off in the distance, or a large windswept tree clinging to an ocean-side cliff.

I think they're beautiful. The time and patience it must take to shape nature and wait for the image in the artists head to emerge is truly inspiring.

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